Sunday, 13 September 2009

Six quick tips for new teachers

I have had blog holidays this summer and I haven't posted anything, so now, that summer is over and we are back to school, it's the right moment to start again. So, ready, steady, go!

This is the video I choose to start a new school year. It's about six short tips for teachers who start their career. It's a little old-fashioned but anyway I have loved two of the tips explained.

I especially agree with tips number two and three:
- Plan together with one or two teachers or even your whole grade level.
But I don't agree with the reason why we should do it. It's not only that you don't get so much stuff to do, but that you learn from all your colleagues. Team work in schools will devolop professional development of all teachers working in groups.

- Try to meet with a fellow teacher that has been teaching for five years or longer. That way you can meet with someone that has some experience.
I really feel it's the right thing to do for new teachers: try to meet a mentor, someone you can rely on and ask for help, opinion and advice. New teachers need the expertise of someone who has been working for a long time to make them think on all important aspects in teaching.

See you soon again, and happy new school year!

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Agrupaciones Escolares said...

Thanks Gemma!
all we learn from you!
My best wishes for new school year.
Carmen C.