Sunday, 5 April 2009

A video about the past?

I hope so...

Certainly not the best teaching strategies but anyway, a really funny video.


Aseret-Teresa said...

Tienes un regalito en mi blog ¿lo quieres?
Un beso

Marisa García said...

Congratulations for your blogs, Gemma, and thanks for the award.
I give it to you too!!!

M. Àngels Gil said...

Hello, Gemma!
Thank you very much for the award, though I honestly think I have still so much to learn from people like you in this amazing world of blogs and education.
Thank you again and congratulations for your blogs, they are great!

Gemma said...

Dear colleagues,

Let's keep blogging and keep in touch! We are a great online team!
Thanks to all of you for your blogs and your comments!