Friday, 29 August 2008

European Language Portfolio

I'm really fond of the European Language Portfolio proejctor ELP -PEL, as we say in Catalan or Spanish.

There is a lot to say about it and a load of information on the Internet. So, let's check some of the most interesting sites about it.

The ELP was born as a project to promote language learning throughout Europe.
ELP- Council of Europe

Then, each country has developed its own specific ELP student material.
ELP- Spain

One of the most important documents written about ELP is the ELP guide for teachers and teacher trainers by David Little and Radka Perclová.

In this site you can find all the main documents about ELP, the Recommendations of the Council of Europe and important essays on how to use it as a teacher.

Another site with lots of documents about ELP.

Daniel Cassany has also been researching the implementation and advantatges of ELP in our schools. Here you can see one of his ppt presentations about this topic.

Finally, it should be said that we ought to have started talking about the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, Teaching, Assessment (Council of Europe, 2001). It is the main theoretical framenwork for all those people who are studying or learning a language. Therefore, the ELP has to be considered as part or at least as the practical part of all what the Common European Framework means.

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