Friday, 9 July 2010

My poster for The PLE Conference

Today I'm presenting a poster in the poster session of The PLE Conference... and I am feeling both excited and nervous...

This is the poster: a mind map on a project being developed now...

And the short paper submitted with the poster:

Short Paper on PLEs&EPORTFOLIOS + Poster

And I have prepared a presentation to support the poster (in fact, I just wanted to practise before the session!!!)

Sorry for the pronounciation of PLEs... I didn't notice that I was using the Spanish pronounciation .... glups!

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Finally, it's here: PLE_BCN

Wow! A lot of time waiting for The PLE Conference to arrive... and it's here: tomorrow we start!

It's the first time I have been to an international conference, but I wonder: are all international conferences like this one? I can guess the answer: no! I have never seen such amazing people organizing so many interesting speeches, workshops, sessions... nothing here seems to be traditional....Even main talks are not keynotes, but unkeynotes!!! Simply, awesome!
I've been online the last few months, except for some very busy days grading and planning, following The PLE Conference everywhere I was able to find and I was pleased by all the content all these great experts can be able to share. Before we start, I just would like to THANK YOU for your effort and your kindness in your attention!!!!

I'm willing to start tomorrow! I hope I can meet you all!!! And hope to listen to you very soon!!!

And, of course, if you are interested in PLEs I strongly recommend that you follow The PLE Conference in:


Twitter list by @pgsimoes



And, I can't stop myself... here it comes my badge for the conference: