Thursday, 24 December 2009

Hundreds of ways to wish a Merry Christmas!

Sometimes it seems that Christmas lessons in English as a foreign language run out of diversity, specially in Primary levels: every year the same vocabulary, the same Christmas Carols or the same Art activities such as the Christmas tree or the Christmas card.
Now I have just discovered two great lists of videos on Christmas, by Greedo, with such variety of songs, carols, ads ans stories that I can't help myself blogging them. I have found them on funpop, due to @The TheacherPage (Robert W. Hughes) who retweeted a post by @AuntyTech (Donna Baumbach) on Twitter:

101 Classic Christmas Videos online

Another big, big list of 101 Christmas Videos to Wathc and Enjoy

So, from now on, I 'm sure we won't run out of oral resources for our English lessons.

And with this short post, I send you my warmest wishes for a
And I hope that next year we'll meet here again -and I promise I'll try to post more than lately.